Seed Treatment System

Standard Rate CurryCoat seed treatment for corn is a powerful combination of Poncho® 500/VOTiVO®, Maxim® Quattro and Raxil® seed treatment — offered on all corn seed for no additional charge.

Treatment Formula:


  • Seed treatment protects young plants from pests during critical early development stages, leading to healthier root development and stronger stands. Applied directly to the seed, Poncho/VOTiVO protects the whole plant, above and below ground, preventing damage to early-season seedlings and roots before pests can strike.
  • Employs a biological mode of action with a unique bacteria strain that lives and grows with young roots, creating a living barrier that prevents nematodes from causing damage.  It also has a systemic agent that’s absorbed by new roots immediately, providing control of many critical early season insect pests. This dual protection results in healthier plant establishment and a more uniform crop, positively impacting yields.

Maxim Quattro

  • A four-way formulation, Maxim Quattro seed-applied fungicide contains four active ingredients to provide broad-spectrum protection against early-season diseases. Maxim Quattro contains thiabendazole, which delivers best-in-class systemic protection against Fusarium species. This new fourth mode of action will broaden the wide spectrum of disease protection already offered by Curry Seed.


  • Seed treatment for controlling disease like loose smut, common bunt and common root rot.