Brittle Snap in Corn

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  • The two most common periods for brittle snap damage are V5 to V8, when the growing point is just advancing above the soil line, and V12 to R1, or two weeks prior to tasseling until silking.
  • Many factors affect the severity of brittle snap injury, including growing conditions, field geography, crop management practices, soil type and hybrid genetics.
  • Growth regulator herbicides can increase the incidence and severity of brittle snap injury by impacting cell division in the nodal area and increasing stalk brittleness.
  • To spread the risk of brittle snap, growers should plant a package of hybrids and manage growth regulator herbicides carefully.
  • Curry/DuPont provides a brittle stalk rating on its hybrids. The score combines a hybrid’s tendencies for snapping at both the early vegetative and mid-season window of susceptibility.
  • To improve hybrids for brittle snap resistance, Curry/DuPont is using mobile wind machines that simulate the turbulent winds that occur during violent storms. Consistency of hybrid ratings is also increased by this practice.