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Brittle Snap in Corn

- Read an article about Brittle Snap in corn. A summary of the article can be seen here, to read the full article see the link here: Brittle Snap in Corn. SUMMARY: The two most common periods for brittle snap damage are V5 to V8, when the growing point is just advancing above the soil line, and V12 to R1, or two weeks prior to tasseling until silking. Many factors affect the severity of brittle snap injury, including growing conditions, field...


- Check out a couple of articles written about wet planting. Corn and Soybean Survival in Saturated and Flooded Soils Corn and Soybean Planting when it is Cold and Wet


- Use the Curry Plantability web page to determine your seed plate settings. How to use the web page. First, click the link below. Curry Plantability Second, enter the batch number. (click where do I find batch number? for HELP) Third, from the drop down window select the planter type you have. Fourth, press GO. This will give you a chart to follow for the seed plate/disk you use. This chart shows the recommended Pressure/Vacuum, Maximum plate/disk RPM, singulator setting and...