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Curry PowerPakHVX is a HarvXtra® alfalfa variety with Roundup® Ready technology for use as hay or haylage in most regions of the U.S. It has an excellent disease package and is very winterhardy. It has high yield potential in multiple growing environments. Early season weed control with Roundup® herbicides helps improve establishment success and first year yield potential compared to conventional varieties.

Characteristic Scores

Fall Dormancy 4
Winter Hardiness 2

Disease / Insect Tolerance

Potato Leaf Hopper S

Other Variety Characteristics

Relative Feed Quality (RFV) 1
Multi-foliate leaf 2

Disease Scores

Bacterial Wilt HR
Verticillium Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt HR
Anthracnose(Race 1) HR
Aphanomyces Root Rot (Race 1) HR
Disease Resistance Index 30

Disease and Pest Resistance Ratings

% Resistant Plants Resistance Class Class Abbreviation DRI Points
0-5% Susceptible S 1
6-15% Low resistance LR 2
0-5% Moderate resistance MR 3
0-5% Resistance R 4
0-5% High resistance HR 5

Fall Dormancy (FD) Rating Descriptions

FD RatingDescription
1, 2Very Dormant
3, 4Dormant
5Moderately Dormant
6, 7Semi Dormant
8, 9Non Dormant

Winter Survival (WS) Rating Descriptions

WS RatingDescription
1Extremely winterhardy
2Very winterhardy
4Moderately winterhardy
5Slightly winterhardy