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Included Hybrids

Trait Logos
Trait Logos

Ear Characteristics

GDU's To Silk 1190
GDU's To Black Layer 2370
Kernel Rows 16-18
Ear Flex 5
Test Weight 5
Cob Color Red
Husk Cover 5

Plant Characteristics

Stress Emergence 5
Stay Green 6
Drydown 5
Ear Height 4
Plant Height 4

Grait Trait

High Extractable Starch No
High Total Fermentable No
High Available Energy No
Recommended as Food Grade Hybrid No
Recommended as Silage Hybrid No


Rock solid agronomics
Short statured product ideal for narrow rows
Fixed ear product, requires high population to optimize yield
Place in Northern Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin
Plant in warm soils as stress emergence is average

Hybrid Benefits

Drought Tolerance 7
Stalk Strength 7
Root Strength 8
Early Vigor 7
Brittle Stalk 6

Plant Health

Gray Leaf Spot 4
Northern Leaf Blight 5
Goss's Wilt 5
Anthracnose Stalk Rot 1
Gibberella Ear Rot 3
Diplodia Ear Rot 1
Scoring: 9 = High 1 = Poor
Plant Height: 9 = Tall 1 = Short
Ear Height: 9 = High 1 = Low
Grain Trait: Y = Meets Requirements N = Does Not Meet Requirements