CMO6399™ Sunflowers

Relative Maturity: 69

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CMO6399™ Sunflowers

Characteristic Scores

Stalk Strength 7
Dry Down 6
Emergence 5
Percent Oil 6
Mid-Oleic Score 7
Plant Height 6
Root Strength 6
Root Lodging 6
Stalk Lodging 7

Suitability Ratings / Suitabil

Express Herbicide Application HS
Heavy Clay Soils X
High Populations X
Phomopsis Prone Environments HS
Poorly Drained Soils X
Irrigation S
Desiccation For Early Harvest HS
Downy Mildew Prone Environment HS
High pH-Fe Chlorosis S
Sunflower-On-Sunflower X
Drought Prone Soils S
Dryland S
Low Population HS
High Rainfall-Grain Mold Prone S
Limited Irrigation S


A mid-maturity, high yield potential, disease tolerant mid-oleic ExpressSun® hybrid
Adapted to the central sunflower growing ares of ND and SD
This hybrid is suited for the birdseed market
Hybrid performs best in high yielding environments at moderate populations
High populations may cause root lodging

Suitability Ratings / Key Envi

High Yield Environment S
Minimum/No-Till Environments S
Fields At High Risk of Sclerot S

Disease Scores

Root Sclerotinia 9
Head Sclerotinia 6
Downy Mildew 8
Phomopsis 8

Suitability Ratings / Soils

Early Planting/Cold Soils X