Days to Flowering: 70

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Trait Scores

Yield for Maturity 7
Yield Under Drought 7
Drydown 7
Stalk Strength 7
Root Strength 8
Cold Emergence 5
Head Exertion 4
Head Type 5
Test Weight No Data
Plant Height 6
Charcoal Rot No Data
Fusarium Rot 7
Head Smut - North 9
Head Smut - South 2
Downy Mildew 4
Anthracnose - East 1
Anthracnose - West 4
Leaf Blight No Data
Rust 5
Sooty Stripe No Data
Head Fusabrium 4
Heat Response No Data
Color Score 6


A high-yielding, medium maturity hybrid with good stalks.
Positioning for: Dry land areas of Central and Eastern Kansas, South Central and Southeast Nebraska
Management Comments: Control greenbugs and chinch bugs when necessary. This hybrid tends to tiller under good conditions.

Observed Suitability Placement Guidelines

Heavy Clay Soils Suitable
Early Planting/Cold Soils Suitable
High Population No Data
Insecticide Leaf Burn No Data
Poorly Drained Soils No Data
Irrigation No Data
No-Till Highly Suitable
Early Harvest Highly Suitable
Chinch Bug Prone Environments No Data
High pH-Fe Chlorosis No Data
Limited Irrigation Suitable
Sorghum on Sorghum Suitable
Low Temp at Flowering No Data
Ergot Prone Environments No Data
Drought Prone Soils Highly Suitable
Dryland Highly Suitable
Low Population Suitable
High Rainfall - Grain Mold Prone No Data
Sooty Stripe Prone Environments No Data

Plant Characteristics

Grain Color Red
Endosperm Color White
Scoring: 9 = High 1 = Poor
Plant Height: 9 = Tall 1 = Short
Ear Height: 9 = High 1 = Low
Grain Trait: Y = Meets Requirements N = Does Not Meet Requirements