New Technologies

The 2017 corn and soybean harvest was one for the record books. Curry seed growers recorded some of their best soybean yields they have ever experienced.  Corn yields across the central and western corn-belt were strong with Curry seed performing very consistently for our growers.  Thank you for attending our 2016 After Harvest meetings. Consistency and great standability were comments I heard the most when talking to our customers when describing their Curry products they planted this year.

Looking forward to 2017 Curry will be testing and introducing two new technologies, Qrome corn technology and RR2Xtend soybeans.  Qrome is a proprietary molecular stack technology that will give you access to more products with CRW control.  RR2Xtend soybeans offer one more mode of action to control weeds that have become resistant to current herbicides.  Look for these additions to our line-up coming soon.

Since 1935 Curry has provided quality products produced locally in Elk Point, SD.  Here at Curry we remember the “4 F’s” of life, Faith, Family, Farming and Friends.  This is what Curry Stands for and This is Where We Stand.




Eric Solberg

Product Manager, Curry