iLevo Update

2016 was an interesting year in crop production with planting delays and record heat in June. Last winter we decided to treat all of our soybean test plot seed and do a large study on a seed treatment called iLevo® across the Curry footprint not knowing the challenges the spring would bring us.  iLevo® is a seed treatment product for soybeans that offers protection against Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and nematodes in the seed zone.  Visually the late season plant and root system was healthier compared to soybeans not treated with iLevo® at just about every location.  Yields varied from no response to as much as 18 bushels per acre, even in a year where soybeans were not overly stressed.  This years estimated national average is 52.5 bu/a, which is a record crop, about 4 bushels better than the previous record last year.  The take home message for this product this year is, healthier late season plants give you a much better opportunity to achieve and exceed your yield goals especially if we have a stress year.  Order and try iLevo® on your soybean fields for 2017 today!

-Stuart Carlson